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Café Ho Sete is delighted to offer a new and healthy lunchbox service to parents of local schools. Only £3.49 per box (with 50p donated to school).

With a healthy menu, and a fun lunchbox you can have peace of mind that your child will now want to eat a balanced lunch and you will also be helping your local school raise much needed extra funds.

Easy to order. Simply complete the below order form before 5pm the day before the lunch box is required.

All orders will be independently confirmed to give absolute assurance of delivery.


  1. Sandwich - White, Brown or Wholemeal with option of fillings:
    a)100% Fruit Jam b) Tuna
    b)(strawberry/raspberry/apricot) d) Cheddar Cheese
    e) Egg & Cress f) Brie
    g) Humous & Roast Vegetables h) Ham
    i) Prawns j) Chicken
    k) Chicken & Bacon k) Coronation Chicken
    Above will be cut into dinosaur shape and may be served with or without the crusts and with any of the following: salad (lettuce, rocket, cherry tomato, cuccumber), onion, celery, coleslaw, mayonnaise, mustard mayonnaise, cranberry, pickle
  2. Carton of 100% fruit drink (strawberry, apple, orange) or water
  3. Fresh fruit; apple, banana, kiwi, orange, strawberries
  4. Crisps (natural fruit crisps) – Apple flavour!
  5. Sugar free biscuit
  6. New crazy flavoured dried fruit pack
  7. Yogurt
  8. Optional, complementary extras:
  9. Cucumber/Carrot/Celery sticks or Tomato cubes
All lunchboxes are delivered to school ( within a 7 mile radius ) by 11am and come in a dinosuar/animal design box. Café Ho Sete will donate 50p from each lunch box to the school. Each box will also contain a collectable Ho Sete voucher. Ten vouchers can be redeemed at Cafe Ho Sete for a drink of your child's choice or one serving of fat-free frozen yoghurt with any one topping.

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