Cafe Ho Sete
Coffee Shop
Redhill and Weybridge

Who we are

"In the homogenised high streets and shopping centres we have today it is difficult to create a distinctive experience."

...That is just what we wanted to do in Cafe Ho Sete.  We decided to focus upon three things;  our people, our products and the way we do business.

Finest Coffee

We use the very best Arabica bean blended perfectly in our coffees, supplied by Drury's and served in some of the finest restaurants in Britain.  Our food ingredients are of the highest quality and are made freshly on our premises. 


We believe that people are tired of national and international, one-size-fits-all answers and want to return to a more local relationship-based world; certainly our customers tell us that.  We take local customer comments seriously and respond locally and quickly, which we believe gives us an advantage over the global coffee leviathans.  We are close to our suppliers, ensuring that we source the best products for our customers.

Loyal Customers

Cafe Ho Sete people people tend to stay with the business, that's both staff and customers!  We think that's because it's a fun and rewarding place to be.  Our people get to know our customers and know what they want from their precious "coffee break" time; be it a quick chat and catch up or maybe some peace and quiet to reflect on the day so far. Whatever it is, our staff will endeavour to deliver it as we think that adds to the distinctive, local and personal experience.

Ultimately all this leads to the very best customer experience.  We want you to have an excellent, distinctive, personal experience every time you visit us. 

Come, quench your thirst with us.

Ho Sete

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